By entering your wines in the SelCru database, we will be able to make targeted offers to wine importers from all over the world, excluding the countries where you decide not to be offered. The details on the wines and their prices will not be publicly visible but will be sent to potential buyers through our offers and before drawing up the offers, the producers selected by SelCru based on the needs of the importer, will be contacted individually to confirm that in that country / Territory are available. Subsequently, each selected producer will receive a notification containing the name of the importer: this system allows the producer to know who each offer has been sent to and SelCru to protect itself against any risks of overlap. The offer is valid for 30 days and for this period the producers who confirm availability will also be required to guarantee SelCru the exclusivity in that country. After this period the exclusivity on the country will expire but the exclusivity of the producer on the importer / s to whom we have sent the offer containing his wines will remain valid for 12 months.

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